Norazly Basarian

Norazly Basarian

Takaful Advisor

Norazly Basarian got his start in this Takaful industry in 2012, working for Great Eastern Takaful Berhad that specialized in health and life Takaful. His passion for helping clients is the reason he’s still in this industry today.

Azly specializes in working with clients to identify problems they might not know they have before it’s too late.

He enjoys helping people choose the best possible plans to help them feel secure and plan their financial goals.

"Having Conversations."

“Are you being asked the right questions?”

My Mission

To help clients, never sell clients.


How do we, as consumers, know that we have made smart decisions about our insurance plan that will meet our expectations when we need to use it?  Wouldn’t it be nice to make those decisions with confidence?  It would be nice to have the freedom knowing someone has your back.  Unfortunately, many insurance agents are focused on selling the next policy.  It is the quantity versus quality paradigm. 

Well I’m here to change that.  Welcome to Azly Great Eastern Takaful where your success comes before our own. 

Agent Takaful yang sangat prihatin dan cara penyampaiannya sangat terperinci untuk supaya saya lebih fahami tentang perkara berkaitan dengan Medical Card Great Eastern Takaful

Wilson Balan

Teacher, Kementarian Pendidikan

Saya sangat selesa dengan Ejen Takaful Azly dan ejen Azly sangat professional menawarkan pelan yang terbaik untuk saya. Pada masa itu saya hendakkan Takaful Life, and he delivered!

Zurina Terubi

Finance Manager, Petronas

Recommended agent for those who looking a better Takaful Plan. And most of all, Great Eastern Takaful offers a plan that understand clients need and that’s make client not paying some unnecessary product or rider

Zul Ezwan Muhamad

Assistant Manager, MPC, Malaysia