The movie you will literally see in dreams.

Of all the directors, Christopher Nolan is one of my favorites. From The Dark Knight movies and Interstellar; I grew up loving his work. However, Inception took it to a whole different level. Nolan worked on the concepts for this movie for years just to solidify the ideas. This action thriller’s explosions, train crashes, reverse gravity fighting, amazing visuals and crazy concepts keeps you on the edge of your seat even until the end. Here are five reasons why you should watch Inception:

1. The Cast

Talk about a star cast. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy are two favorites, and it was nice seeing them working in the same film. Michael Caine made a brief few cameo’s which was pleasant, and Ken Watanabe’s performance was also well done. DiCaprio’s lead performance really helped set the tone and the storyline and his love interest played by Marrion Cotillard added a rich dynamic to evolve the concept from just action to an emotional movie.

2. The Score

Pirates of the Caribbean. The Dark Knight. Amazing Spider-Man 2. Chappie. The Last Samurai. Interstellar. Hans Zimmer can be considered one of the best music score creators of all time, and his work with Inception was phenomenal per usual. In fact, some musicians have used the score from Inception as samples in their own music. I advise checking out the track called Inception by the rapper, Logic.

3. The Visuals

This is one of the marvelous concepts that really helped create the movie. Filming took place in Tokyo, London, France, Morocco, and Alberta. All kinds of environments were used; entire cities to closer scenes using just a hotel room or two. A particularly neat scene occurred when Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character and a few stuntmen fight while the rooms gravity continues to shift around.

4. The Concept

In the movie, Dom Cobb is a professional thief who steals people’s secrets by infiltrating their dreams. He is hired by an elusive Japanese businessman in order to perform something called Inception: when you infiltrate someone else’s mind to plant an idea or a concept. So the entire movie is dream based. The concepts take a second to grasp, but when you understand how it works, the structure of the movie is beautiful. Fun Fact! Christopher Nolan, the director and writer of the movie, worked on the movie’s script for over ten years before beginning the project. He actually used The Dark Knight as PRACTICE in order to prep for the creation of this movie.

5. The Ending

Don’t worry, I won’t post any spoilers. But the final scene of the movie is rather incredible because you don’t know how it ends and the ending is subjective. It’ll make you think for days. Definitely worth the thrill ride.